Fuel3D report shows eyewear retailers are losing over US$26 billion due to poor fitting frames

Fuel3D report shows eyewear retailers are losing over US$26 billion due to poor fitting frames

Our new report ‘Delivering a Fitted Experience in Eyewear’ shines the spotlight on how the fit of eyewear impacts buyer experience. We polled over 4,536 adult glasses and sunglasses wearers in the UK and US and found that more than one in four adults (28%) struggle to find eyewear that fits. As a result more than half (55%) end up leaving opticians and eyewear stores empty handed, which accounts for a staggering US$26bn of uncaptured revenue in the $100bn global eyewear market. In addition, nearly half of eyewear purchases are returned or have to be adjusted due to poor fit, resulting in further financial loss to the industry.

Despite eyewear’s increasing prominence in fashion, our survey highlights that fit is the most important factor when buying glasses or sunglasses, and that people are crying out for a better fit and a better buying experience. Most are happy to have a personal 3D scan and, if they had a guarantee of a good fit, would buy more frames, from more brands, more often, online and in-store.

We’ve developed FitsYou, an innovative 3D capture and fitting platform, to tackle the issue head-on. FitsYou harnesses the power of AR and AI and empowers opticians and retailers to provide a superior personalised service through best-fit recommendations and fully customised eyewear, in-store and online. Over three quarters of people said they would buy their eyewear online instead of in-store if they could be guaranteed the perfect fit, which highlights the huge potential there is to disrupt the global eyewear industry.

You can read the full report by registering your interest on our FitsYou site here.

Below are links to some great media coverage our report received when we launched at the recent Vision Expo East in New York:

Vision Monday: http://www.visionmonday.com/latest-news/article/new-study-says-retailers-lose-26-billion-a-year-to-poor-fits/

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Invision: https://invisionmag.com/eyewear-retailers-lose-over-26b-due-to-poor-fitting-frames-study-finds/

Retail Technology Review: https://www.retailtechnologyreview.com/articles/2019/03/26/eyewear-retailers-lose-over-us$26-billion-due-to-poor-fitting-frames/

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