Fuel3D® unveils latest evolution of BioVolume® solution at AALAS, setting new standard for subcutaneous tumour monitoring

Fuel3D® unveils latest evolution of BioVolume® solution at AALAS, setting new standard for subcutaneous tumour monitoring

24th October 2018

Fuel3D, a world-leading 3D technology innovator will be unveiling its updated BioVolume subcutaneous tumour monitoring solution at the AALAS National Meeting. This new BioVolume solution is the world’s first to combine the use of 3D imaging with thermography to monitor disease progression and response to therapy in in-vivo oncology studies.

Developed in partnership with a world-leading pharmaceutical company and wider industry, the ground-breaking platform was conceived to enable faster, smarter and more confident decisions to be made in the identification and development of new cancer therapeutics. The portable laboratory device rapidly and accurately captures and reconstructs 3D tumour surface changes, enabling the analysis of texture, colour, shape and measurements including volume. Replacing legacy calliper methods, BioVolume uses a combination of stereo-photogrammetry and thermal imaging to improve the traceability, accuracy and reproducibility of data while ensuring greater animal welfare in adherence with the 3Rs (Refinement, Reduction and Replacement).

George Thaw, CEO of Fuel3D said: “Following extensive evaluations with major pharmaceutical companies in Europe and the US, we’re delighted to be unveiling the latest evolution of BioVolume at AALAS, which sets a new standard in the quest for accurate, reproducible data and better science. By incorporating thermal imaging into our solution we’ve been able to drive significant measurement improvements which ultimately will lead to more effective trials and help speed up the discovery of vital new cancer drugs.”

“As well as advancing cancer research, BioVolume shows much promise for reducing the handling and use of mice and providing greater confidence in establishing study endpoints which could enable systematic topical symptoms to be recalled and exploited as surrogate endpoints for early diagnosis of undesired effects.”

Fuel3D will be showcasing how BioVolume can revolutionise tumour measurement and improve animal welfare at Booth #920 and will be talking about the scientific benefits of the digital transformation in pre-clinical trials as part of the main conference platform sessions and technical trade presentations:

Using 3D Scanning to Standardise the Measurement of Subcutaneous Tumours
Andrew Smith and Dr Juan Delgado
2.40pm, Sunday 28 October 2018, Room 343
Technical Trade Presentations Track 1: Innovations and Technical Advancements

Using 3D Measurement and Machine Learning to Quantify Subcutaneous Tumours and Improve Animal Welfare and the 3Rs in Cancer Research
Dr Juan Delgado
4.15pm, Tuesday 30 October 2018, Room 316
Platform Session – PS77

The AALAS (American Association for Laboratory Animal Science) National Meeting takes place October 28 – November 1, 2018 in Baltimore, US.

For further information about Fuel3D visit www.fuel3d.com

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About Fuel3D 

Fuel3D develops innovative 3D scanning solutions for leading global brands and pioneering organisations. Our technology is re-defining solutions and inspiring better experiences across a wide range of industry sectors from medical research to security and retail. Born out of Oxford University, Fuel3D has offices in Oxford, UK and Greenville, North Carolina, US. We are at the forefront of innovation in 3D technologies with our core technology platform which rapidly and accurately captures and analyses texture, colour, shape and volume data, making it a world-class solution for organic subjects and human form applications.

For further information, visit www.fuel3d.com

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