The future of eyewear – Industry Perspective from Phillip Meyer

The future of eyewear – Industry Perspective from Phillip Meyer

As part of our ‘Delivering a Fitted Experience in Eyewear’ research report which examines the impact of poorly fitting frames through the lens of the consumer, we interviewed eyewear industry expert Phillip Meyer. Here are his views on what the future of eyewear holds and his thoughts on our survey findings which revealed that over half of adults have left an eyewear store empty handed because they could not find a pair of frames that fit:

“Fuel3D’s survey findings clearly highlight the extent of the problem with fit and the need for greater accuracy and automation in the measurement and fitting of eyewear.

As part of a training initiative some years ago, I had 100 employees across 21 eyewear stores measure my Pupillary Distance (PD). Only one person got it right. A decade on, measurement techniques have little changed and still remain subject to human error.

Hiring good people can be really difficult which makes it hard to get the right fit. This is often more of a problem in larger chains. Most chains will have individual stores that consistently perform better and this is usually down to the skill of their people and how precise their measurements are as well as their ability to recommend the best frames for the individual. Digitising the process of measurement and frame selection could have a huge impact in helping to make everyone in every store as good as the best.

While it’s clear how much revenue is being lost when people leave a store empty handed or return glasses because they don’t fit, there is also a huge cost to account for in customer loyalty. I see plenty of people walking around with glasses that don’t fit properly and while they might not have had the will to complain, these individuals will vote with their wallets and make their future purchases at a different store.

The future of eyewear is going to be increasingly fuelled by digital innovation, automation and the power of personalisation. Technologies that can guarantee fit, enable personalisation and unite online and physical retail stores to create a better customer experience could truly disrupt and transform the eyewear industry.

The only reason people don’t buy online more often is because they don’t trust the fit. I can see many different scenarios where FitsYou could be used to guarantee fit and improve buyer experience both online and in the real world.

Imagine the benefits of capturing an image of a customer in-store and being able to present back a curated collection of different frames based on the individual’s face shape and style preferences. And what if the customer could IM their scan and preferred choice of glasses or sunglasses to a friend or loved one for that second opinion most of us want. Imagine the additional revenue that could be generated if the customer could be sent an image of them wearing their favourite styles in their online shopping basket.

Extra revenue could be easily created with the seamless integration of a technology platform like FitsYou into existing processes to enable people to customise the fit and personalise the style of their frames to the very last detail. FitsYou has great potential for personalising eyewear and the buying experience and I’m excited to see how it will reshape the way we buy glasses.”

About Phillip: Phillip has more than 20 years experience working with eyewear and technology businesses as a CEO, Director and Board Advisor and has successfully launched and grown his own luxury bespoke eyewear brand. He has an extensive background in omnichannel retail, e-commerce and luxury fashion. 

To get your copy of the report, head over to the FitsYou site.

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