We’re at the forefront of innovation in 3D technologies with our patented core technology platform. Whatever the challenge, we work with organisations to develop advanced 3D scanning solutions that combine our consulting expertise and market knowledge with our proprietary algorithms, software and 3D hardware platforms.

What makes our plaform special:

• high accuracy and resolution
• less than 0.1 seconds
• process 3D data in seconds
• cost-effectively scales up to include multiple scanners
• easily integrated with existing workflows

Our platform uses a visible light stereo photometric system to capture colour and high resolution 3D detail from the object being scanned. This is further enhanced by ‘shape-from-shading’ processing to determine accurate underlying shape information. The shape data is fused with the 3D detail to produce a single, photo-realistic 3D model that incorporates precise colour and texture information.

Our rapid capture and high-resolution 3D scanning, at a price point that has not been possible before, makes our core platform the best solution for organic and human form capture and sets us apart from other players in the field.

Through continued investment in our core technology our aim is to set new standards in measurement and visualisation techniques in medical research, security and retail and enable greater personalisation and custom-fit manufacture in eyewear, cosmetics and fashion.

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